Casting CoSpaces from Oculus Quest


We want to cast the student spaces from the Oculus Quest to a monitor or computer at an event. Casting doesn’t seem to work in the CoSpaces Oculus App. Are there other ways? Can be wired.



HI @Jason_David, I have a quest 2 at home and I have had my own issues with casting straight from the quest. The way I work around it is casting to my ipad using the Oculus app (you do have to sign in with your account that you are using for the Quest). I then connect a HDMI cable to my ipad and plug it to my tv. Do you think this will work. It may have bad resolution though.


Hi @Jason_David unfortunately casting student spaces from Quest in realtime to a computer screen isn’t feasible at the moment but we hope to introduce more possibilities like this in the future!

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Hi Jason, I have a work around to casting. If you start casting before you go in a immersive web experience e.g the web version of cospace, then you go into the game it will still be casting. I tried last night and it worked.