Change animation of a copy of an object

Hi @techleapnz, I hope you’r doing well. Could you please tell me if there a way to change the animation of an object copy, in coblocks, but not the original object. It seems to be impossible. This cospaces may give you more insights.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @tajajtsidi,

There isn’t currently a way to change the animation of an object copy in CoBlocks. You can do this with Scripting though:

We can understand why this is not possible in Scripting, because different objects have different animations, so the set animation CoBlock needs to store all the animations for each Animated Item available in CoBlocks, and a user could accidentally put a non-Animated item into the block, which would show no animations - which wouldn’t actually be a bad thing. @Stefan, can you see any reasons why allowing Item or Copy Item value blocks to be inserted into the set animation block would cause problems?

Geoff @ Techleap


Hi @techleapnz,

Thanks for the feedback! In the case of CoBlocks we wanted to provide a simple solution for selecting from a list of available animations on a specific item. However, for more advanced use-cases in CoBlocks it would make sense to be able to get/set animations by string for any item you place into the block - and in case no animation is found (or the item can not be animated), nothing happens. I’ll forward this idea to our developers so we can see how it could be implemented in the CoBlocks design :slight_smile:

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