Change student class

A student used the wrong class and enrolled in the wrong class. They already started their project. Can the student be switched to the correct class without joining a new class? If they do join a new class, will they lose the progress they have on the project they started?

Thank you!

Hi @partell348.

Different classes have different assignments so there is no direct way to transfer the CoSpace.
If the student uses web version of CoSpaces, he could join new class and then copy his project manually.
Here is a quick guide:

  1. Open the original project
  2. Select all the content
  3. Press Ctrl+C
  4. Open destination project
  5. Press Ctrl+V
    Repeat for all script tabs:
  6. Open the original project again
  7. Open the script tab
  8. Select all CoBlock/Script
  9. Press Ctrl+C
  10. Open destination project
  11. Add script tab
  12. Press Ctrl+V
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There is also a better way:

  • Student copies the space from the original class to his free play
  • Student joins the new class
  • Teacher moves the space from free play to the new class (Move to Assignment feature)
  • Student leaves the incorrect class