Coding a Dice to Roll random number

Trying to figure out how to code a Dice to roll and randomly land on one side. Not sure what coblock function to use. Any tutorials out there? Thx

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Here’s my attempt.
I put in a target anchor for the dice. Then when you click on the dice it is pushed towards the target with random rotations.

Thanks…but can you show me the code? I’m still hitting my head here.

That’s probably simpler than the one I made! I created a random series of invisible blocks and the dice is pushed toward each one with random velocities then resets to the beginning.

Here is my attempt. It works fairly well, but might be overly complex compared to the above version. This space is remixable so you can check out the code.

It still produces a few duds (not totally sure why, might just need to increase the velocity ranges)

Here’s my dice roller space. You can remix so go nuts and pull it apart. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I saw there is a “Dice Target” in your code but where did you get the Dice Target?

Thank you,

Kim :slight_smile: