Coding Help needed

Help - my code is not working well. This is actually something a student made that I am fixing up, but I cannot get the code to work correctly.

It is supposed to have characters ‘talk’ when they are clicked on and then that triggers a conversation with other characters. The one with my name seems to work all the time, but the others do not. I realize that it has to go through the whole conversation before we can click on another teacher, but it just doesn’t always work.

Also, we want the characters to be clicked on in ANY order.

Here’s the link to the project

Hi, thanks for finding this issue!

We could reproduce this problem at our end and scheduled a fix for the next release :slight_smile:. As a temporary workaround to fix this problem, you can lift the entire merge cube up in the air (Z height of around 25 and above will do, see picture below).

The reason why your clicks do not always go through is because there is an invisible floor blocking clicks from certain angles. By lifting the cube you make sure that the floor is no longer in the way when you turn your cube in AR and on Web.

Below is a remixable space with the cube at z-height 25

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Thanks! I’m glad I found an issue even though I thought it was our coding mistake :grinning:

And thanks for the work around!

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