Coding Support for my Levels

Hello everyone, I am using CoSpaces for a school project. Does anyone have advice/quick tips on how to be a better and more successful coder? I would like to know basic tips that forms a good coder.

If so, may you please talk about:

  • How to properly use variables
  • How to create a successful creator
  • How to avoid common mistakes in coding
  • How good CoSpaces is compared to other sites

Thanks for the time and advice!


hi Xynfinite
to properly use variables: a variable is a storage and data function fx: when you click a key the key disapears and a variable named “key” change by (1) then when you click a door the door opens only if (variable) “key” = to (1)
How to create a succesful creator: i dont know what you mean by that but if you want to become succesful: dont be a student,(being a student will not allow you to publish to the galllery and your cospace can only be viewed 1000 times)Publish(by Publishing you can share your cospace for others to view).
How to avoid mistakes when coding you have to make mistakes everyone does, that why we have the forum to help
how good is Cospaces cospaces is undenaibly good but i must be honest and say that i switched to scratch long time ago but i still come on here to help others i used cospaces for super long and thats how i learnt im mostly self taught but i would recommend it but you gotta move on sometime.
hope that helps



Thanks _ZkY, I just wanted to know and learn some info about how to be a better coder (e.g. How to avoid mistakes - don’t use this, instead use that). Thanks for replying!


Hi @xynfinite,

Yes, I have some tips I can share with you that I learned with cospaces that I find helpful when coding projects or games. Here are some of them:

-When making a game on cospaces, ensure a clear objective and rules the player can follow. I experienced many problems with some projects other people had shown me that I was confused on how to play it. Maybe have a friend play it or someone else before showing it to everyone.

-When making sets of codes to check for anything, such as when the player touches a finish line, or touches an enemy, make sure you either put that in a forever loop or make a completely new tab of code to run it forever without a loop block. A lot of people seem to have a problem with these since they put the “check” blocks at the front of the code and run “sequence” codes (codes that are an action) after the check blocks making them run only for an instant.

-Just something I found helpful, one of my favorite methods I can use in coding a project is the “cloning” strategy, where you create a function that the input will do a certain thing, and when you add the function in the main code, put in a “create a copy of” in the input slot, then the game will make a copy of the object and perform the function. I find this really helps to make multi-entity video games or projectile-related games.

I hope this helps with your school project! Let me know if I helped! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


For the ‘How good CoSpaces is compared to other sites’ , I would say very good. Very good for beginners that is. If you want to learn very advanced game development, I don’t think this is the App for you, but if you are a beginner and just want to get the very basics, this is perfect for you! I have scouted the internet for Apps/websites that you can make 3D games on and CoSpaces is by far the best one I have found! It is very beginner friendly, and also has a more advanced side for intermediate people! If you do just want to jump straight into advanced game development I would suggest checking out game engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity, and CryEngine. They are all free to download!

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@Bladebob20000 Thanks for the support.

Definitely helped me a ton with my school project! I’ll use the advice you gave me. Thanks again for the reply :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for the advice, I will definitely remember this. I will probably use these websites later on!

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