Collaborative Assignments


Is it possible to combine multiple student scenes (created in an assignment) into a single space? If so, can someone direct me how to do that? It would be neat if the students could experience each other’s scenes in a single space.

Thank you!

Hello LibRK,
If you have a teacher account, you can create “Collaborative Assignments”. This means that students with access to the assignments can all work together and see their work in the same space.
The way to set up a “Collaborative Assignment” is like so:
First of all, create an Assignment. This can be done by selecting your class and going to the top right corner and clicking “create assignment”
Then, Select the class you want to put into the assignment (drop down button) and name the assignment (description is mandatory so I add puns as the description to my assignement)
When it asks to send it to individual students or group of students, select “group of students”
Add the students to the space via drag and drop (you can see your students at the bottom of your screen) or create multiple instances of the assignment with multiple groups (use the three dots on the side to delete groups)
And there you go. When a student opens the assignment they can all work collaboratively. I find this very useful especially when I am trying to teach my classmates the in’s and out’s of cospaces.
I hope this helped

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Thank you, Luc_Roghi! This is exactly what we were looking for. The projects are turning out great! thanks for your help.

Thanks for the info Luc_Roghi, Thanks a lot :grinning:

How can I add a new student to an existing group?

Hi @Dwain_Moore,

To add a new student to an existing group, open the collaborative assignment and then click the Edit groups - button :slight_smile:

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Is there a maximum number of students that can be added to an assignment. Could I have a whole class collaborating in a single space?