Colliding with walls

In this game CoSpaces Edu :: 7/8 Video Game, January 2024, on the 2nd Scene (called Scene 1), when the camera hits a wall, it bounces back and then just keeps moving. Why is this happening? Thanks so much for all the quick replies!

Hi @Kelly_Nickell,

I reviewed to script for camera movement, but the method seems strange and unnecessary. First, the “camra controll” physics is on with mass set to 100, and the bounciness and friction is set to max. I wouldn’t mess with these things unless you want them to act strange on purpose, these components in my experience tend to get unpredictable in their movements inside of scenes. Try turning physics off completely, and rely on the actual camera for movement. You can achieve to same desired effect anyway, no need to add an outside physics block unless creating a larger terrain than generated.

Hope this helped!
(I’ll try to follow up on a demo if I can, but no promises)

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