Collison not working

My Collison is not working on one of my objects.

You will spawn in a hallway, go towards the black and you will see a mine, when you step on the mine you will be teleported back. Then when walk forward again the missle will come. But I have the code so that when the missle hits you it teleports you to the start. It doesn’t do that though, In the code it doesn’t even detect a collision. The code used are the last 3 code groups. Thanks!
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Hi @Matthew_Willett this is actually the same problem as one in an earlier post;

Only 1 collide with event is allowed per object (adding another will overwrite it); There are 2 ways to go about it:

  1. Instead of checking to see if the camera hits the object, do the opposite and check if the object hits the camera instead; Same thing but now each item has 1 event on it, instead of the camera having 2 (meaning 1 won’t work). This is the simpelest method and by far the best practice to use.
  2. Way more convoluted but sometimes usefull is adding a When camera collides with “Another item”, then using an “if statement” to check if that item is one of the items you want. The problem is the computer will have to check that for each item the camera collides with; So generally not the best approach, but can be usefull in certain cases.

I’ve just switched the position of the event inputs here;

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Thanks for helping! It works now!