Combining Two Different Spaces

Is there a way for me to combine scenes created in two different spaces?

Hi Brian,

we’re working on the possibility to copy scenes from one space to another. Would this be the solution for you?

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Yes, this would help if students were working on separate parts of a larger project, and for the VR Adventure Game/Breakout I am working on.

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It it also possible to select everything, copy it by pressing Ctrl + c (Cmd + c on Mac), then go to the other space and paste it by pressing Ctrl + v (Cmd + v).


There may also be the option during coding to use URLs from other spaces…just a thought!

Is this possible yet? We’d like to all work on the same project as well, so we’re trying to figure out how best to connect all the pieces.

I work with different groups, and everyone has their space. When they finish their work, I would like to have all the spaces in one that they could see.
Is there any way to do it?

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Not in one space, but you can easily share privately via link/QE code. And easy way to do this in a class setting with mobile devices is to project the QR code from CoSpaces or send the link via email for laptops/desktops. You can always create a list of all the links to send out this way as well. Or if you have an LMS, you can post URL or embed the actual space in your course.

And if you have Apple devices in your school, you could utilize AirDrop via traditional methods or using Classroom for iPad.

is there a way to do this yet? It would be necessary for our project where students work on parts (scenes) of a bigger project. I have tried to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, but as far as I can see it does not copy background images (360° pictures). Did I do anything wrong?

Or is there a better way to share/combine scenes?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @raekertim,

At this time only items can be copied and pasted across different scenes with CTRL+C and CTRL+V. Only one environment can be displayed at any given time per scene, so for your combined student project you’d only need to upload one background image :slight_smile:

Hi Brian and Simon - Is it possible now to copy scenes from one space to another ?