Commenting Blockly code

How do we add comments to Blockly code?
When I create a new scene for my students is there a way to document sections of the code. Is there a way to comment out, aka disable, sections of code?

Something like the double forward slashes // in C?
// this is a comment

Or the block comment

  • this section of code
  • is commented out

I didn’t see a designated comment block.

Thank you.

Hi @twolken,

If you right hand click on a piece of Blockly code, you have several options to disable, delete, group delete etc.

Perhaps this is what you are referring to? Any disabled code can also be reenabled by right hand clicking; see the attached screenshot for the available options.

I hope this helps; if not, please feel free to get back in touch.



I’d like students to see the comment without have to click on the question mark.
This will work.

Thank you.

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Not a problem, happy to help. Let us know if you need any other assistance.