Connecting students via email

Is there another way to verify student accounts besides email? Students at our school are blocked from getting email from outside the school district for security reasons. Exceptions are hard to convince our IT team to make. Lots of schools are heading this way to prevent phishing attacks. Help please!

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@CoSpaces_Edu can you answer this question?
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Hi @Matthew_Mariglia,

Can you explain how your students are using email to sign up to CoSpaces? As far as I’m aware, verification only occurs for teachers. Students either create a username/password login, or use single-sign-on (Google/Microsoft/Apple etc).

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Geoff @ TechLeap


Doing a test with an integrator from a local BOCES. I didn’t know students didn’t need an email to sign up. We were students in a class so I figured we had student accounts. That is good news! No IT issues! Now, I just have to make sure they don’t block the site!

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Hi there!

That’s right, we’ve made it possible for students to sign up without email addresses for reasons like these. All they need is a username, password and of course a class code.

@Matthew_Mariglia You’ll find possibly useful info for your IT team on our Tech Check page.

Fingers crossed that all will go well! :wink: