CoSpaces & Blockade Labs together

What do you think about a partnership with Blockade Labs? I think it would be great to implement AI in CoSpaces! Blockade Labs, for those who don’t know it, is an AI tool that allows you to generate 360° images by inserting a prompt… perfect for being reworked with CoSpaces.

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Hello @Profdavid71, I believe this is a great idea! I have imported several 360º worlds using this, but it would be even better if you could maybe even move around it!

I absolutely love Blockade Labs. What a great collab. It’s no longer free either from what I can see.
What I loved is not only the ability to create incredible artistic spaces, you could also create realistic photo-type spaces. For example a school campus.

This is awsome!

I just typed ‘korea city in k-drama movie’ and this image was generated.

Yes, it is!
It would be great to have BlockadeLabs integrated in CoSpaces, obviously without watermarks!