Cospaces crashes on Samsung S8

we’re in a funded research project about VR, education and special needs.

Cospaces works like a charm on Samsung Note 4 and Samsung S6.

We bought two Samsung S8 and two Google Daydream viewers for scouting and testing.
Both brand new, with Android updated.

On one S8 we installed Google Daydream AND Google Cardboard
On the other S8 we installed Google Cardboard only.

On the S8 with Daydream, Cospaces recognize Daydream, says it’s not compatible and requires to scan the qr-code of the Cardboard viewer. Then, the first time works in VR. From the second time on, Cospaces always crashes when try to go in VR mode.

On the S8 with Cardboard only, Cospaces always crashes when try to go in VR mode.


  1. why crashes? any advice how to solve this?
  2. when Cospaces will be compatible with Daydream? (and, btw, :frowning: there’s this annoying limit of 13+ age…)
  3. i need to contact you privately for project-related questions. Whom can i contact?


Hi Mario,

Thanks for getting in touch and for your interest in CoSpaces Edu.

I will pass your feedback onto our developers so they can run some tests and see what the issue/s could be.

We are always working to improve CoSpaces and hope to have compatibility with Daydream soon, although I cannot give a specific deadline.

In regards to more private communication, please feel free to email and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks in advance,