CoSpaces Edu loading issues troubleshooting

Before going further: Please first read the School IT troubleshooting guide and follow the instructions to make sure the problem isn’t with the device you’re using.

1. Check the images in your CoSpace:

  • If you’ve uploaded images that are bigger than 1MB, please resize the original images and re-upload them. Make sure to also delete the previous images.

  • If the number of images in a scene is very high (over 100 images), please spread them between different scenes.

2. Check the GIFs in your CoSpace:

  • Using a lot of GIF files can severely slow down your CoSpace. Using MPEG4 files instead of GIFs is a good solution and will improve loading.

  • Spreading these files between different scenes is also recommended.

3. Check the videos in your CoSpace:

  • Using a lot of high resolution video files can also slow down your CoSpace. Please reduce the resolution of your video files before uploading them.

  • Spreading video files between different scenes is also recommended.

4. Check the external files in your CoSpace:

  • The CoSpaces Edu Library objects are carefully designed to ensure smoother loading. Some external 3D models however may not be optimized and can slow down your CoSpace. If your CoSpace contains external 3D models, test to temporarily removing them. If your CoSpace runs faster, try replacing them with similar objects from the CoSpaces Edu Library.