CoSpaces Folder Organization

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I currently have a lot (70+) of CoSpace scenes in my Freeplay section of my account. I was wondering if you would consider adding functionality to sort or group these scenes together in the future; or if you could point me to some workaround / similar method that could achieve the same organizational goals.



Thank you for your feature request. We will discuss this idea with the team.

One solution that I have been using that I saw on another post (sorry I can’t remember where to give credit) but I have adding VR and AR at the front of my projects. and then sorting by Name. It isn’t a folder option (which I also plus 1 too) but it is a little bit of a workaround.

For example:

VR - Intro Zoo
AR - Merge -
VR - Script Coding - Title of project

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As Andrew suggested above, adding memorable tags to your CoSpaces names is the way to go. I generally try to incorporate these in a nice way, otherwise I leave the tags at the end of the name, so that the beginning (which gets displayed) is meaningful.

Geoff @ TechLeap


Bonjour; je suis débutante et je cherche de l’aide pour maîtriser “Cospaces”. quel logiciel j’utilise pour le merge cube.

Il existe différentes options de logiciel à utiliser avec le Merge Cube. Vous pouvez utiliser les CoSpaces pour créer de grands projets avec le Merge Cube.

ummm make less worlds…ok :grinning:

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