Cospaces Scene Frozen - keeps kicking us out

Five of my students have co-created a Cospace, each creating their own scene. One of the scenes has completely glitched out. It kicks us out of it when accessed on the iPad and freezes when accessed on a laptop. You can’t see any code or any objects, only the background.

Please help?!

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Hi @Sinead_Cahill Is there by any change a forever loop in this scene? Usually when forever loops dont have any time delay it glitches out as the computer overloads on calculations; If this is the case, check to see if the forever loop is neccesary in the first place or add a wait block with 0.01 second delay in there. Else could you share the cospace so I or somebody else can take a closer look?

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We can’t even see the code on the second scene in order to check this. If you could check out the CoSpace for me, that would be amazing! Here is the link to the view/play version: CoSpaces Edu :: Kiara, Lena, Michael, Denis, and Zeliha

I’m not sure how to share it with you in a way where you can see the code though.

Thank you so much @Luc !

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@Sinead_Cahill if you turn on “allow others to copy this Cospace” in the sharing details I’ll be able to take a look at the code

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@Luc I have changed the settings now. Hopefully, you should be able to copy it now.

Thank you again!

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@Sinead_Cahill Strange, it does the same for me unfortunaly I cant gather why, I’m afraid this is an issue for the dev team.
I’ve added a copy of the scene to this message, this way you can continue adjusting the original and the devs will have access to the one with the issue, sorry that I wasn’t able to help, but thank you for reporting the bug!

@CoSpaces_Edu The second scene seems to freeze up completely when opening for editing; It runs in play mode, but in the editor it seems to crash whenever it is opened; I’ve tried removing the dependencies and removing the other scenes to see if it loads but to no avail, could you take a look at this?

Bugged version, regarding Scene 2 only while editing;


Hi there!

Thanks for reporting this and for sharing your CoSpace.
We’re looking into this issue and any bugs that may be creating this.

We’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

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