CoSpaces Security and Class Management

I need help in joining and leaving classes.

I have just started CoSpaces with my students. Because of my handwriting, my students typed one letter wrong and ended up joining the WRONG class, from a different school, in a different country.

I cannot find a way for them to LEAVE or UNJOIN the class, nor is there a way for me to remove them from that license. The teacher from that class will need to manually remove them from the license. I have checked for ways for my students to message the ADMIN of that license but there is no way.

I have emailed CoSpaces EDU for help and about the security concern because I think, class codes SHOULD not be too similar to each other, especially when teachers do not have the ability to approve or deny join requests.

I think students should also have the ability to join/leave classes for security reasons.

Any help/suggestions how I can fix this?


For sure @Tamara.Koehler can help you.

I’m with you, maybe the option to acept or deny the membership request would be a good idea.

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Hi there! Thanks for reaching out about this - I’ll relay the request for the “option to accept or deny membership request” to the team and someone will be in touch with you, @LovelC, via email ASAP!

Hi Tamara. I still haven’t received an email from anyone from CoSpaces Edu. Anyone you know I can email regrading this? I need my students removed from that class.

Thank you,

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Hi there,

our team has removed the students from the wrong class :slight_smile:
Someone should be in touch with you via email to confirm this for you as well!

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