Create in Maker or EDU since Maker app is down?

Hi CoSpaces friends.

I’m trying to figure out working around the Maker app being down.

It’s my understanding that if you make a world using desktop Maker you cannot view it in the EDU app. Correct?

If a teacher wants their students to create worlds and then view in the app with VR goggles, what do you suggest they have their student create in? They don’t have 90 licenses for EDU…yet. So they’d have to create in Maker, right? But then wouldn’t be able to view in VR.

I’d be happy to give the teacher some of my ambassador licenses to try out EDU for one class, but not sure what she should do with her other three classes.

I hope this makes sense.

Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

Hey Maria,

Hope you’re ok?

As you know, we are working on getting Maker up and running as quickly as possible. In the meantime, if viewing in VR is a necessity, then we would obviously suggest using Edu (on a trial basis). Maker can however still run on Android so if you have access to Android devices, you can still use Maker.

Currently, spaces created in Maker cannot be viewed in Edu. Really, the most logical process at this time, is to stick with Edu for creating and viewing, but obviously I understand that’s not possible for everyone due to the charges involved.

Sorry I can’t be of much more assistance.

Thank you, Ben! I’m trying to wrap my head around the best way to get teachers and their students set-up and using CoSpaces right now, so your info does help a lot! At the moment the teacher integrating CoSpaces in her classes doesn’t need every single student using it, so my trial Edu licenses will help her.

Thanks, again.