Creating 3D Models to use in CoSpaces

Does anyone want to share what applications or websites they use to download 3D models to be used in CoSpaces Edu?

I’ve heard of some using Google Tilt Brush. Please explain if you have.


Use to create your own.


Remember that only FBX and OBJ+MTL files are currently supported, and these should be extracted from their ZIP/Archive file first, before uploading.

Google Poly is already available via Upload > 3D Objects > Web Search, and this includes 3D creations made in TiltBrush as well as Google Blocks.

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I have downloaded a lot of cool models here:

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Thank you Folks!
Is there any way to code the 3D objects that are created on these sites and then uploaded to CoSpaces?

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Yes, you can code the uploaded objects in the same way you would code any object, by enabling CoBlocks in the Object Inspector > Code.

What you can’t do (at the moment), is animate a character model that has a skeleton and built-in animations.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Is there a way to implement a skeleton or built-in animation as you described? Or is that solely on the backend of the CoSpace program and can only be for what is in the library?

I’d like to see a student create a 3D model of an avatar and have it animate the same way some of the characters do in the library.

It’s not possible for students to create new animations for the existing characters. They also can’t import new characters with built-in animations (though this has been requested).

You can create 3D models using basic building blocks and animate them using CoBlocks.

You can create 3D models and apply a skeleton and animate it in Blender.

Hope this helps!

Geoff@ TechLeap

@Jaden_Leung This conversation about uploading files and object might help you!

Since I work in some project related to training using NASA resources you can download official NASA 3D models

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Further question please…
When you upload a model is there a way to make it available for your students or does each student have to upload it independently?

Thank you so much - sorry still learning the platform.

Hi Stephen,

If you are starting a new assignment, you could create a CoSpace which includes the uploaded object and then use that CoSpace as an assignment.

Otherwise, if students are working independently, they would need to upload it into their CoSpace.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Geoff @ TechLeap

My uploaded 3D objects are not showing in the dropdown menu when I have the CoBlocks on. I’ve renamed them, but still no luck.

Hi @Stacy_Bowers,

Have you enabled CoBlocks for your uploaded 3D objects?

Geoff @ TechLeap

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Thank you. Yes, I did.

My fault. I just looked again and only one of my models was turned on. Now that I’ve turned the rest on, they are appearing in the dropdown.

Thank you!


I have also uploaded models from cults3d.

TinkerCad is my go to, it can be a little tricky to maintain the individual colours of projects.
Here is a short video that helps explain how to import objects in colour from Tinkercad to Cospaces.

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thank you very much, your information is helpful.
I have done a lot of 3d printing and I only use Tinkercad (and I only know how to use tinkercad). It is good enough for hobby level CAD work but u will not really be able to do complex sculpting or lot of curved stuff with it. Most of my design are 3D shapes formed by merge and carves of basic 3D geometric shapes (cubes, cylinder, sphere, triangle, rings, etc.)
more details about cad programs: 18 Best 2D & 3D CAD Software for Technical Drawing: Free, Paid and Online | XPPen