Creating 3D Models to use in CoSpaces

Does anyone want to share what applications or websites they use to download 3D models to be used in CoSpaces Edu?

I’ve heard of some using Google Tilt Brush. Please explain if you have.

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Use to create your own.


Remember that only FBX and OBJ+MTL files are currently supported, and these should be extracted from their ZIP/Archive file first, before uploading.

Google Poly is already available via Upload > 3D Objects > Web Search, and this includes 3D creations made in TiltBrush as well as Google Blocks.

Geoff @ TechLeap


I have downloaded a lot of cool models here:

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Thank you Folks!
Is there any way to code the 3D objects that are created on these sites and then uploaded to CoSpaces?

Yes, you can code the uploaded objects in the same way you would code any object, by enabling CoBlocks in the Object Inspector > Code.

What you can’t do (at the moment), is animate a character model that has a skeleton and built-in animations.

Geoff @ TechLeap