Creating dynamic objects in a scene using CoBlocks

Hi all : Is there a way to create a horse or dog object dynamically (not a copy of an existing object already in the scene) when Play button is pressed? I am looking at Create Item function but it seems only for shapes? Some insights useful. Thank you.

Hi @Shashi_Krishna!

At this time the only way to dynamically create items is to make a copy of them when they already exist in the scene.

Thank you @Stefan. Do consider adding this feature in a future release!

Hi @Shashi_Krishna,

What’s the use-case in which you would want to do this? I’m don’t understand the benefit of this, when you can simply add an Item, copy it, and remove or hide the original Item.

Could you explain your use-case, ie, what you’re wanting to achieve?

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi @techleapnz : Sure. In my computing lessons there is a big focus on user based choices in the set up and playing out of any simulation. I have found that engages students better and allows them to be more creative/original with their design ideas. For instance if a student wants to simulate an animal farm and is asking the end-user what kind of animals or birds they wish to see on it. User makes a bunch of choices - including animal or bird name etc - and the farm is designed based on that. This will ensure no two farms may look alike in every play. Might also start conversations about populations of these animals/birds impacting how the farm may perform? Such things can take any direction really. Similar scenarios can be created for science/history/social studies/PE/art/ etc type subjects where being able to dynamically create an object or element may produce a different set of outcomes and thus add more depth to the overall experience. Since we do a lot of text based coding, the element of user-driven inputs dictating the outcome is a big part of the learning experience and my initial request was in line with that thinking.

Currently, only grade 8 computing is using CoSpaces but we’d love to see it permeate to younger grades given its potential. Building in such a feature may engage other subject teachers too is all.

I hope this helps! Thanks again.

I think in any such simulation, you would need to limit the number of items to the field you’re studying, e.g. farm.

You can set this up so that your chosen animals are hidden and available for simulation. You can always remove unselected items afterwards.

This demo uses the same principle:

I hope this helps.

Geoff @ TechLeap

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