Cutting out a shape from a wall

I was wonderng if there is any way to use one shape as a cookie-cutter for another shape, like subracting one shape frome another. An example would be to create a door frame when inserting a door into a wall.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


I love this idea because building doors and windows into walls has been one of the more annoying things both my students and I have had to do when creating scenes.

(To answer your question, not really. You can mask the object, but not actually cut a hole in it that I have seen. You can only really build around the opening with wall segments.)

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Yes I agree with [btcostello05]. Would love to have this feature in a future update.

Same here. A student was so frustrated with putting a door in today that he quit.

I love this idea too. It would be a great feature.
In some occasions I have used Tinkercad, which can join and subtract objects and save them in obj format. But it would be great to have it integrated into Cospaces, because it would be easier.

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Please, Please, Please ! I was just working with creating a house and it seemed sensible that I could have a brick wall and then add a door. The door just goes on the brick wall without a cutout.


My work around is to model stuff in Blender 2.8, then import it into co-spaces and then turn off collision detection on the imported object.
This achieves what you are talking about, but is complicated.
Also once the model has been added, you then need to put some dummy shapes into the scene to simulate the collision detection previously turned off.
I think, realistically it is outside of the scope of this application, as what you are asking for is a modeling app inside of a display / coding app.
I’ve asked for a disable collision detection block to be added which would make this pipeline easier, however it is probably best to think of easier workarounds.

Is it possible to cut a hole in a shape i.e. a wall in CoSpaces? We can see through the wall when we place a shape through it and using the ‘mask’ option however there is still an object there so it is a barrier for the viewer/camera to pass through.

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It is not possible at the moment. You can use objects from the Building category to construct complex objects.


Using TinkerCad it’s easy to create a wall then insert an opening that looks like a door. You make the two shapes and the wall is solid, the door is a gray space element. When you group the two the wall has an opening where the door element was. Export this item using .stl format and upload to CS.


Hey guys, it’s actually pretty easy. Just use the door or window frames, resize it and then whallah, you’ve got a hole big enough to walk through.