Data collection

I want to integrate coding and a 9th grade physics program. I want to know how one can create graphs that collect data. Ideally this would be scatter plots or line graphs.

If this cannot be done then I do not see how cospaces can truely be Integrated into a physics course. Most of what i see is nice but does not have any real depth outside of learning how to code.

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That is a great idea. We will consider working on it.

This is possible, using internal data, 3D graphs, and coding.

Coding is simply a tool to achieve an outcome, and integration with other learning areas requires creativity, imagination, and spatial thinking.

You have X, Y, and Z co-ordinates, and can programmatically create objects in positions based on the properties of other items. This should be enough to create some 3D graphs.

Here’s an example: CoSpaces Edu :: Physics graphing

The only thing that is possibly missing is the ability to extrude programmatically, which would allow for real-time line-graph creation.