Deleting Student Accounts accidentally converted from Teacher accounts

Hiii soo I accidentally converted my teacher account to a student account and I understand there’s no way back from there, soo may I know how I can delete accounts like these? Because I didn’t join any classes so my account is basically stuck as a student account coz no one can help me delete it, pls help, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @BlueG88,
Unfortunately, there is no way to directly delete a student account from the student account itself. I think you will have to make another teacher account, have the student join the class, and then delete the student account FROM the teacher account. In my opinion, the @CoSpaces_Edu team should have students be able to delete accounts.

Let me know if this worked!

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It’s going great but how exactly do you remove an account? It only shows the option to remove the student from the class

Wait never mind I found the option thanksss!!!

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Great to hear that it worked, please mark my answer as the solution to help others with the same problem. Thanks!