Download and store spaces in the smartphone

Lately we’re experiencing some delays in downloading spaces through the app (Android). Thinking about working in classrooms, where kids have to download and use a space for a specific lesson, it could be extremely useful to have the chance to download BEFORE the lesson the space and store it in the smartphone, like it happens with Google Expeditions. It seems a feature not so hard to implement… :slight_smile: what do you think about it?

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I agree that this would be useful in certain contexts @mariochiesa , especially with weighty spaces. CoSpaces devs could possibly allow users to flag certain spaces as “read-only” or “locked”, so that there is a clear and easy way to flag which spaces can be cached by the app/server.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi there,

Spaces that are loaded on a mobile device are remembered until a user logs out of their account. So when a scene is entered a second time, there shouldn’t be long loading times anymore. This would allow your students to prepare / load their spaces ahead of time so that they can jump right into the space during the lesson.

Hi Stefan, this is a sort of workaround, useful but it’s not really solving many situations…

Yesterday afternoon we had a workshop during the down time; in this case your workaround is ineffective

The best solution remains something like Google Expeditions, so single experiences are archived into the smartphone, and stay there, even if you close the app. Of course you can set a storage limit.

In many situations, like most of our workshops or tests in classrooms, this is both a time saver, and much more… it avoids you cancelling the test or the workshop and postponing everything later; and arranging new schedules with schools and teachers is usually hard!

To say something more about this… yesterday we had two test sessions in schools. Even if we already loaded the space before the lesson so that students can start immediately without downloading anything at first; it seems that cospaces app download content each time a user move from one scene to another. This limits again your workaround, and creates tipically long ‘purple screen’ while downloading the content, and sometimes it hangs until you exit from the app and start again.