Editing a cospace created in a pro account

I had a pro account a few months ago where I made a few projects. Now I switched my account back to basic and I am able to create new projects, but I am unable to edit or share the projects I made while I had a pro account. Is there any way I can change this?

Hi @sammy3x3,

I know that students who find themselves without a class can’t edit or share their Free Play projects, but I’m unsure about teachers. @Tamara.Koehler or @Stefan, could you confirm that Ruby’s experience is correct, please?

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

Hmm interesting thank you for looking into this for me :slight_smile:

Hi @sammy3x3,

@techleapnz’s reply is correct - now that you’re back to the free version of CoSpaces Edu, you can access your previously made projects in view-only. If you decide to revisit the Pro version in the future, you will have full share and edit access to your projects again.

Best wishes,