Edu Classroom/User Management

I teach 32 different sections depending on which teacher and class they come in with (but the same 250 kids). Once I add a student license, can I put them in multiple classes or does that take up multiple licenses? Just trying to figure out the best way to organize my students in their new edu accounts.

You can have the same student in multiple classes. It doesn’t take up multiple licenses.

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The license is per-account, so the same student can be in many classes. And those classes can be from different teachers, by the way.

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I have a student who signed up for the wrong class section. How do I remove him from that section? He has already added himself to the correct one.


at the moment you can’t remove a student from a single class, but this is coming. You can only remove a student from the license plan itself, which how to do I explain here. So when you remove a student from a license plan, this student will also be removed from all classes there.

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