Enemy wont die when shot and gun dont work

So im trying to make a ww2 zombie shooter but right now when i spam e (e is to shoot) the bullet stays at its destination without deleting it self

the zombie doesnt delete when it collides with bullet


Can you share your project remixable? I will edit it to work correctly!


here you go :slight_smile:

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Some coblocks that should help you, i can’t work on ur project now.


hi im very sorry to ask but is the function for the vampire important?

and if so could you tell me the details because it isnt working with the collision

Change the vampire by your zombie :wink: : when the vampire/zombie is hitting by a bullet, he disappears like u want in your first post.

hi @dthomas80 can you show me a picture of what you mean

u create a character “zombie” , Alesio use a character “vampire” , u just need change that :wink:
His code says “when the vampire is hit by bullet, delete vampire”
and in parallel : the vampire looks “you” and come to you.

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Mine is called zombie not vampire and my character is also a vampire

In the code they are zombie.