Entire class crashes when using merge cube add on!

I recently purchased 100 seats for my year group Greek Museum project with the Merge Cube add on. However, when children try to upload their GIF, it creates a lag for the entire class, my laptop included. We first thought it was internet issue. IT checked and said it was fine. Perhaps it was the junk chromebooks we have. So, I changed to our Win10 laptops and it is the same. I tried everything–limiting to 10 kids per session, spread them out for better wifi signal. Now I am basically telling them to close down and reopen cospaces with only absolutely 1 tab open. It works sometimes but often it doesn’t. I have to apologize to the kids everyday for such bad experience. It really is unacceptable! I have multiple videos. I am able to have my 4th class now. Can’t imagine how bad it’s going to besome of the issue I go through everyday with this!

Hi @Frank_Cheung,

could you please send the video of lags and the shared CoSpaces to support@cospaces.io and we will investigate the issue.