Environments and 360 scenes in one project

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I have a few questions,

My learners’ assignment is to create a 3 scene project and were able to select their project type. Most of them (working in small groups) chose a 3D environment as a start but now some of them also want to upload a 360 image into a scene as an environment - is this possible?

Or do they need to create separate projects one as a 360 and one as a 3d environment and merge them?

They’ve been able to do it in group projects (different qualities to different scenes) but its unclear how to do it in an individual assignment.

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Hi @AnitaMcK,

Since a 3D environment is just a really big empty cube, it’s physically impossible to put in a 360 image as the background. The Cospaces built-in environment is specifically designed to fit in the cube area. However, if you put a camera in the 360 scene and set it to walk, it will behave almost the same as the 3d environment. You can also put in 6 image panels over the 3d environment to make an artificial environment, but it won’t be as realistic.

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Hi @AnitaMcK,

You can only change the type of CoSpace by project, not by scene. There are some hacks, as @Bladebob20000 has suggested, to make a 3D scene look like a 360, or to move around in a 360 scene.

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PS: flying & walking in a 360 is a cool hack, @Bladebob20000!


Hi Anita,

Great to hear that your learners are working on a 3 scene project! Regarding their question, it is indeed possible to upload a 360 image into a scene as an environment. They do not need to create separate projects for a 360 environment and a 3D environment and merge them.

In an individual assignment, they can simply upload the 360 image as the environment for one of the scenes. They can use the same process they used in group projects, where they assign different qualities to different scenes. This way, they can maintain consistency within the assignment and showcase their creativity with both 3D environments and 360 images.

If they need any further assistance or have more questions, feel free to reach out. Good luck to your learners with their projects!

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I have uploaded a 360 degree photo to my space but how do I make it appear as an environment rather than a floor image?


You can do this by using the 360 degree CoSpace option as pictured below :slight_smile:

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