Error on Python time.schedule_repeating method

I am currently working on a python script.
I am uploading about 30 Python script examples to the gallery so far.

If you search for ‘파이썬’ in the gallery you will see these examples.

However, the time.schedule_repeating method, which worked until yesterday, suddenly doesn’t work.

Here’s an example I made:

  1. Infinite loop: CoSpaces Edu :: 파이썬 27. 무한 반복하기
  2. Repeat 10 times: CoSpaces Edu :: 파이썬 28. 10번 반복하기

This all worked fine until yesterday, but today the error code is appearing.

This is not specified in the Cospaces Python API.

Please let me know what the problem is.


API Page of time.schedule_repeating method:,number).html

Request to @CoSpaces_Edu,

It seems to me that the API has changed as Cospaces has been updated this time.

Can I get a new version of the Python API specification?

In particular, I ask for the Schedule Repeating Method, please.

Hi @Jaewoo thanks for bringing this to our attention, we’re looking into this now. Will be back with an update soon! Thanks for your patience.

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Thank you,

I just confirmed that this bug has been fixed and it works fine.

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