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Next Friday we will participate with CoSpaces in the first maker fair of Galicia, Spain. It will be in Santiago De Compostela.


Hi everyone,

Next May I will be in the 3rd Scientix Conference in Brussels. I will explain examples about how I normally use Cospaces in Mathematics class.

Hope to meet there another Cospaces users and ambassador!


CoSpaces Pro D at Science world in Vancouver and Prince George, BC, Canada.


I did a session at the T21C conference in July. I gave out my code for some teachers to use. My next session is Techpalooza in October. Both of these are on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


I will be presenting VR Creation in the Classroom featuring CoSpaces EDU on August 15th at Hunterdon County Ed Tech Fest:!


Anyone else going to be at FETC in January? I have at least 1 ARVR workshop where we will be working heavily with CoSpaces.


Aumentame 2018 in Salamanca, Spain.

@Alvaro, @Ascen_Robles, @arbues, … a good place for meeting


I am doing a workshop at FETC in January where CoSpaces will be one of the main features. Anyone else going to be at FETC?


Techpalooza in October is coming up and I am doing 2 CoSpaces sessions. What we really need for teacher training days like this is temporary single codes for teachers that last about 10 days, so they can try the Pro version on the day of the session and then explore afterwards. Is this possible @Coralie?


@jorganiser I think your Ambassador Pro trial code would be perfect for this! It will give teachers enough time (30 days) to truly discover the platform and also test it with their students as Pro trials give access to 100 seats.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions about your Ambassador Pro trial code. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I got some feedback that my trial code didn’t work, and I just tested it again and it is still current. I’ll have to get back to the teacher. I used that code for my last workshop and will use it again. Thanks.


Hi, we checked and you trial code is indeed active so it should be working fine.
Let me know if ever that’s not the case :slight_smile:


I’ll be presenting 2 sessions on CoSpaces at our provincial conference for the Association of Science Teachers . It’s at the end of October and my Ambassador License will expire the week prior to that. Any chance I can have it extended for a little longer? Will my Pro Trial Code still be active then as well so I can share?


Next november in Salamanca, Spain, #Aumentame2018
Workshop about creation of videogames using CoSpaces.



Next December in Algeciras, Spain, I will be presenting my teaching experience using Cospaces in the Mathematics classroom.
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Best Regards,
Álvaro Molina