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Hi everyone! Please feel free to use this thread to announce any conferences/events/webinars/etc that you’ll be attending - perhaps they might be of benefit to the CoSpaces team and/or the rest of the community :slight_smile:

Our @Ambassadors can also use this thread to promote events that you’re personally presenting at and give others the opportunity to join.



Last week I participated in a teacher meeting in Malta and all the teachers received a cardboard viewer. I have the opportutnity to presente to some of them the CoSpaces Edu and they really feel interested in that.


That’s great to hear. Glad the meeting went well :slight_smile:

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On Friday I spoke at the #EiGS17 (Education in Games Summit) at the ACMI in Melbourne. I was presenting on how I’m using Roblox Studio in the classroom. In the keynote session, some students showed their work with CoSpaces, which was an interactive map of Australia and a Gallery of .gifs and images. (Tweet) Great to see. The reason it was used was because the teacher wanted kids to create and not just consume VR.

So at the start of my session, I spent a few minutes talking about CoSpacesEdu and how we are using it at school. I showed the teacher dashboard and did a quick demo. My students are making a proof of concept interactive quiz asking questions about coding.


On November 27, Nate and I from @opensourcelab20 will be presenting cospaces edu in Trail BC at the Midas Fab Lab. It’s a professional development day for beginner teachers from grades 4-9. If anyone has good curriculum examples, I’d love to show them off.

Our focus will be the basics of blocky, adding stl’s and hoping to get more teachers using this product and bringing it to their schools.


I am doing an ARVR presentation today. Looking forward to demonstrating CoSpacesEdu.
Quick question, can a teacher account join a class?


Unfortunately a teacher cannot join a class yet. We are going to add this in the future.

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Here are some upcoming events that @atrudeau and I will be presenting “Making VR a Reality in the Classroom”. A good portion of our session includes an overview of CoSpaces, why it’s awesome, and how to use it.

DPS109 VR Workshop - December 19 - Deerfield, IL - 1/2 day workshop
#ICE18 Conference - February 27 - Schaumburg, IL - 1/2 day workshop
#ISTE18 Conference - June 24 - 27 - Chicago, IL - 1/2 day workshop (our fingers are crossed that our proposal gets accepted!) :slight_smile:


@Ambassadors If your talks are getting recorded, it would be great if you could share them with us!


@Thomas Definitely! And I promise when I refer to you guys I will never, ever say you’re located in Sweden again. :slight_smile: :speak_no_evil:


I love Sweden, so no offence :wink:


Dear friends
If you live in Spain, November 25 in Girona: Jornada Aumentame
My friends Begoña Codesal @Bcodesal (Cospaces Ambassador), Joan Gelabert @gelabert_vich and me, Jesús Arbués @JesusArbues (Cospaces Ambassador) will introduce Cospaces in a workshop:


I have presented at South Carolina Ed Tech in October and South Carolina Science Council in November. Also, my proposal has been accepted for a the National Science Teacher’s Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, in March 2018.


Here you are my padlet for work-shop in #Aumentame2017


I was recently at The Learning and Leadership Program Shaing Summit in Ontario Canada. It focused on a project I was working on last year. I introduced a few programs and CoSpaces created a big buzz around the Summit.


Just presented today on CoSpacesEDU at LACUE in Louisiana. No recording, but it is on the list from now on. Will be presenting more on CoSpacesEDU in 2018.

And a podcast coming soon!!!


In a recent course for teachers I presented them the CoSpacesEdu platform and they were really interesting on that. This was during an Courses called “Coding in All Educational Contexts” in Portugal.

They really love the possibility of having the opportunity to create VR educational artefacts and at the same time using it to promote educational coding activities with their students.


I was just contacted by NASA Langley and Kennedy, since I volunteer for NASA, and I will be in a presentation and presenting at round table for teachers this month. I plan to incorporate cospaces into my round table discussion on space education. I assume it is too late to ask for swag since it is on Feb. 19 and 20th. Again, I was just called myself, and its NASA can’t say no, I will be sick when I am presenting to get out of school, (but, after 20 years I have a lot of sick time) LOL, shh, that is a secret, Thanks !

Hi Denise, fantastic news! That sounds like a great opportunity! Thank you for sharing, we wish you all the best of luck. I’ll see what we can do about sending some swag your way :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

I’d like to thank the CoSpaces team for responding to my needs as I continue to work in classrooms and with teachers on using CoSpaces. I have some upcoming events and look forward to keeping you posted (here and on twitter @margreek) as they unfold.

  • April 27th- MakerDay event in one of our districts. I will be working with grade 8 students on developing VR projects with CoSpaces.
  • May 2nd- Will be facilitated 3 sessions on CoSpaces at an event called Skilled Futures for Women in Technology.
  • May 9th- Similar event to the previous one but this one is Skilled Futures in Technology and open to all students in one of our districts.
  • During the month of May I also have 4 classroom visits planned (mostly students in upper elementary) where I will be working in the classroom supporting them and their teachers with using CoSpaces.
    -More events to follow…