Experiences crashing/blacked out

My class are in the process of completing some VR spaces for a project. Two of the projects are now failing to function in different ways. All projects are part of one class assignment and built from the same starter space. None of the projects utilise any coding blocks. All simple 3D interactive exhibits with some character models and text panels.

One project will load the editor environment but:

  • On iPad: Will freeze and crash app when the play button is pressed.
  • On PC: Loads into a blank environment with no options to move/interact.

Second project will not open at all.

  • On iPad: Times out on editor loading screen
  • On PC: Loads into editor but displays only a black screen.

Have tried:

  • Making a copy of projects on teacher account and trying to open again. Same issues for both projects.
  • Removing excess character models from the first project in which editor still functions. Was concerned it might be memory related?

Really at a loss now with some very worried students.

Any help appreciated!

Hi @JoeHastings,

Could you provide share links to the spaces you experience these issues with? We’d like to take a closer look at what exactly may be causing these issues.

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Project 1: CoSpaces Edu :: The Wolves Return

Project 12 does not allow me to generate a share link as the entire editor/site blacks out on me when I try to launch. Is there another way to generate a share link without needing to load the project? The studio URL is : CoSpaces Edu: Make AR & VR in the classroom

Hi @JoeHastings,

The error in Project 1 comes from two Round path items which only have one child. If you delete those items the scene should work again. An easy way to find them is to open the item hierarchy side-bar and look for the items there. We’ll be working on a fix for this strange error in our next release.

We’re looking into Project 12 more to find the root cause of the crash. Sorry the inconvenience!

Thank you being so helpful and helping use with our problems. We really like cospaces thanks for fixng our project

  • From E & I

(As for the second project, we eagerly await your help! Thanks very much - Mr. Hastings)