Feature Request: add Camera.mouseLocked to the public API

Hi @Stefan,

It would be great to have the option of having the Camera.mouseLocked setting available, to bind camera-turning to mouse movement, and thus cater for a different range of games and experiences.

Many thanks,


Also added to the new features board.


This is a great idea

I had the same idea. That would make moving around a lot easier rather than clicking and holding.

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This would be very nice

@Stefan @Coralie I’m just going to reiterate that this is a feature which would put CoSpaces Edu on par with Minecraft/Roblox for students, as this interaction/input is standard on those platforms. Students love it!

I also think it should be available as a Camera option in the Object Inspector.


Love the idea too, I need it right now. But we don’t have it.

My hand is getting very tired from holding the mouse button down all the time as I play my CoSpace. I think it’s getting sore…

If I could give this 100 votes, I would. This should be at the very top of the priority list. Please, put an end to my hand’s suffering and pain and add a way to look around without holding down the LMB.

And before you say that locking the pointer to the screen within an internet browser window isn’t possible, take a look at this. (src)

P.S. Okay it might not be getting sore, but it’s still a nusiance nonetheless. Please do strongly consider having a more familiar way to control the camera. Thanks!


I would really, really like this function to be implemented. We’re trying to make a game in CoSpaces and control it with a MakeyMakey, but having to press the mouse key is really inconvenient.

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