Feature Request: Add students with .csv file

My students use several coding tools that require logins. The problem is they create different logins and pw’s for each tool and promptly forget them. When I have to identify their work or reset their pw, I don’t know who user GoaT1354 is.
For simplicity, theirs, and peace of mind, mine, I want to control their username and initial password.

The file header might be something like
Username Firstname Lastname Password
twolkenoan tom wolken apples1

Does/will CoSpaces support adding students to a class via .csv file? Yes, I’d ensure the usernames are unique and they could change their pw later?

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My practice is that my academy owns a Google admin. I use the google admin account to create a list of google accounts for students. Those accounts are named according to their class number or name so that you can ensure the usernames are unique and easily identified. When my students join my class, they simply log in with the given google accounts. They can change the password on CoSpaces Edu after log-in.

I hope my experience helps you.

I would love to have this feature of CSV import because I work with younger students who do not have access to email. This would be a great feature to add to make sure students are safe when working in the space. My first grade teachers would like to use CoSpaces in the next few weeks as a part of their Mars Home Design project so that the kids who are learning from home can be a part of the project in the same way as the kids at school (we are hybrid FTF + online at the same time).

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