Feature Request: allow Merge Cube to be viewed on the Merge Headset (Stereo AR)

I bought a bunch of merge headsets and merge VR cubes for my classroom. I guess I assumed (I know…) that you would be able to wear your headset and explore the merge cube in augmented reality but while wearing the headset, is that not an option?

It seems rather silly that I have to hold my phone while also holding the cube when I can be seated with the headset on and now both my hands are free.


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Hi @Jessica_Millar,

Good point! This would be stereoscopic AR and would be awesome. I’m going to add this as a feature request. @Stefan, any obvious barriers to this?

Geoff @ TechLeap

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I’m really disappointed this still isn’t a priority for Cospaces. I have Merge headsets literally just collecting dust on my shelf, and I’d love to build more lessons around Merge Cubes and Cospaces, but there’s clearly no interest in them adding the feature. Makes no sense to me.

Has anything been developed with this, it would be so much more realistic as opposed to watching while holding your phone!