Feature request: automated remix attribution

Hello I assigned a final project that would have my students create an escape room. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that some students have remixed someone else’s project from the gallery, and just changed the color of the scenes. Is there a way to tell if a project has been remixed? I don’t want to go through the entire gallery to find the one that they copied and turned in. TIA


Hi @leon_moore,

There is currently no way to tell if a project has been remixed, but I absolutely agree that there should be, as it’s critical for assessment and proper attribution (digital citizenship/creative commons). @Coralie @Stefan @Tamara.Koehler

I’ve renamed this topic to be a feature request, have tagged it as such, and notified CoSpace Edu staff.

This is the 2nd post on this topic in the last 6 weeks!

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap


Thank you @leon_moore and @techleapnz, I’ve relayed this feature request to the team!

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Hey, @leon_moore! Are you starting the students with an Assignment? If so, they should be locked in to what ever CoSpace is attached to that Assignment and that would prevent them from using a remixed Space, I think.