Feature request - Download and upload your playgrounds

Hi all,

It occurs to me that the teacher who manages the space I am working in is leaving at the end of the year.

Does that mean that all my example cospaces will be lost forever and I will have to rewrite them every time there is a teacher change?

I’m wondering if there could be a download/upload feature similar to what is in Scratch, so that I can back it up and then load it into the space under the new teacher.

Such a feature would also be helpful because then I can pull the download apart and get some understanding on how the system actually works, in order to come up with work-arounds for unimplemented features (The same as what has been happening with Scratch for years)

I understand that CoSpaces isn’t as mature as Scratch yet, but it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Just an idea. :wink:


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Hi Stuart! No need to lose all your CoSpaces :slight_smile: This teacher can add you as a co-teacher and once that’s done successfully, they can assign you or another teacher as the admin before they leave.

To see how to add a co-teacher, you can check out our video here.

Alternatively you can always remix your CoSpaces to create a copy elsewhere. Your feature request has been taken on board, though!

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