Feature Request: Improve Gallery (filters, reporting, limitations)

I would like to see more teacher control of students access to the Gallery.

I get at least one student and parent report per quarter of inappropriate content in the Gallery. Even though only “teacher” accounts are allowed to share to the Gallery, there still seems to be inappropriate content slipping through. Because CoSpaces is used by students in K-12 and Higher Ed, the Gallery content is not suitable for all ages. For example, there are some murder mystery projects that are not appropriate for younger students. And sometimes the content is so inappropriate that it shouldn’t be in the gallery at all and I’m not sure how/why a “teacher” would approve it to be in the Gallery.

I’d like to offer some suggestions to improve the Gallery experience and give teacher’s more control:

  1. Require grade level and subject area filters when a teacher submits a CoSpace to the gallery.
  2. Allow filtering in the gallery for these grade level and subject area filters.
  3. Allow the teacher to restrict student access to the Gallery, either by not allowing students to access the gallery at all, or restricting their access to grade level and/or subject area filters.
  4. Implement stronger filters for inappropriate words in CoSpaces and report any red flags to the teacher and also don’t allow them to share to the Gallery.

Thank you for taking the time to read! :smiley: