Feature wishes: Sharing scenes & importing animations


We at ORCSGirls love using coSpaces and are thinking about possible summer projects using it. There are two features I am curious about if they are a future possibility

(1) Share / Import scenes: I recall there was earlier discussions about collaborating. In a possible project we want to create a city guide. The question is how to join the projects together. The feature we would love is to be able to import scenes from another project. This way multiple groups would work on different aspects and create scenes for different landmarks. In the end though we want to to be one cospaces link/project. Hope this makes sense - any way to import or cut&past across projects would make this possible.

(2) Custom animations: We have access to a motion capture suit we would love to use as part of a camp. The software can export bvh files with the animation curves for a ‘normally’ rigged human. I was wondering if there might be a way to add a feature to use a custom animation and add it to one of your characters, e.g. the on list of animation it has add a custom animation entry and allow the upload of e.g. a bvh file for a short animation. This way the kids would motion capture their own pirate fight moves for example and use them with your pirate. Not knowing the inner workings of cospaces, I am not sure this is a feasible request :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading to the end. Thomas


Hey, thanks very much for getting in touch and for your feedback. I’ll make sure this reaches the relevant teams so we can see how possible they would be.