Folders to manage spaces

I’ve created assignments within my class to differentiate for my students abilities. I’d like to be able to take their finished spaces and combine them in to one folder or class, so I can easily share the final space with parents.

This is also for my own organization so I’m not constantly flipping between the different assignments to find the projects.

Is it possible to combine spaces to a folder?

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Can we have a feature to create folders in My Spaces?

I’m probably not the only teacher whose number of spaces has grown and grown; spaces of my own or spaces I remixed.
For example, I would like to sort my spaces into student assignments, spaces for presenting professional development, spaces I share in the forums or FB community, spaces for exploring ideas, etc.

Anybody else?


same need here! thanks @MrWolken for raising the issue…

@MrWolken could you add “Feature Request:” to the beginning of the topic? Helps it stand out and be found easily by devs. Cheers!

Geoff @ TechLeap

I’ve just created feature-request tag, feel free to apply it to your topics and rest assured it won’t go unnoticed.


Good thinking @Pavel !

+1 much needed feature