Game Design/Coding Course

Our District has made the decision to invest in the ClassVR headsets. I have piloted CoSpaces this year and developed a short Game Design course for the middle school. Our students students now have the options of doing a html/css, javascript, MIT App Inventor Course. The new course will be on VR and Game Design

I have used the CoSpaces lesson plans to develop a short 6 week course. After my first experience with it I have found that most assignments lack depth. I plan on spending some time and modifying and creating new lessons to teach more concepts and get the depth I am looking for.

Before doing this I was wondering if there are existing resources, so I do not have to start from scratch.


Does anyone have a game design course they would be willing to share?

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Thanks I started exploring this. Have you used this? How did there software interface with your headset? Iā€™m using CLASSVR running through a very restricted server profile so I wonder how easy it would interface