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I previously posted that our District has made the decision to invest in the ClassVR headsets. I have piloted CoSpaces this year and developed a short Game Design course for the middle school. Our students now have the options of doing a html/css, javascript, and a MIT App Inventor Course. The new course will be on VR and Game Design

I have spent some time to develop a course using existing CoSpace lessons and some of my own. I am looking for feedback, additions and subtractions to what I have developed.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts. Feel free to use this as a resource as well.

Game Design Presentation


This is an… AMAZING resource and thank you so much!!! However, all the videos are listed as private therefore, is there any way to view the video tutorial on the slides?

I am also a middle school computer science teacher teaching 5th through 8th grade.

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I haven’t made them all public yet. I was still working on the course but I will expedite making them public.

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wow good job fairview!

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Thanks for sharing your resources @Fairview ! Here’s my feedback:

  1. Love the animated slides design!
  2. I don’t think games always have a winning/losing state, but they do need an aim/goal
  3. All the videos are currently private - can you set them to unlisted?
  4. Slide 29 - Programming Doors => Programming Conversations?
  5. I suggest breaking this up into separate slides for different games, adding numbers for each step, with an overview of the steps at the beginning, so there’s shared understanding around the steps, and where students are up to.
  6. I think this is an excellent curriculum for the age range, covering a good variety of games and coding concepts.

Hope that’s useful!

Geoff @ TechLeap

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Thank you for the feedback. I am not looking to use this until next year so the more feedback I can get is appreciated. I do have to switch the videos over and thanks for the proofread catch on 29.

I like your suggestion 5. I will spend some time this summer expanding that section.

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  1. Add a Creative Commons licence, so that others can legally share, according to your criteria.
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Agreed, I ran a 6 week pilot course this year. I used feedback to make this iteration. I plan on adjusting after next year to get it dialed in.