Glitch/blinking when testing a project on Oculus Quest 2

The project seems to work fine when using a laptop (decent loading time) but whenever I try to view it from our Oculus Quest 2, it glitches and keeps blinking. What could be the reason and how to fix it? Would it be too heavy? All the other projects that my students made were working perfectly fine. I noticed the glitch right when I open the project’s main page.

Any idea would be welcome, thank you!

Here is the project: CoSpaces Edu :: Criterion C - Create your VR experience

Does it glitch without the particle effects (rain)? Does the whole screen blink, or just the floor?

I didn’t try without the rain, I will try that with the headset as soon as possible. The whole screen starts blinking (again, it only happens when using the headset) to the point of making you want to remove the headset before getting a headache…

And it’s just your project - other projects are fine? I suggest looking at a number of CoSpaces to see if you can find a connection between glitching ones.

Yes, only this project glitches, and it starts acting strange even from the time I open this project in the browser on the headset…
I tried without the rain effect and other things… nothing worked. I am starting to wonder whether there is one element that is just not being digested properly by Co-Spaces. I imported a 3D element I created and duplicated it around 20 times inside my space. One element was originally 8,2Mo, is that too much?

164MB is a lot to load and keep track of - you’d have no trouble duplicating some of the built-in objects 20x.

How does this space perform in Quest? There’s 350 objects.

Thank you for your reply. I am not sure I understood what you suggest I do though. Do you mean I should use built-in objects from the library instead of importing self-made 3D assets? The space your sent me (Balls Galore) works pretty well, no lag nor freezing effect when moving the head to look around.

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A quick update to my previous post. I actually used Blender to compress the size of my elements. I was able to change the 8.2Mo file into a 1.6Mo file and it apparently solved the problem since there are no more glitches/blinking happening.

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:partying_face: Well done! Great that you found a solution!