Glossary of Terms and Helpful Teaching Tips

Words to know:
Inspector= double tap object to get the menu to tag to code (turn Blockly on), animate, or change color

Camera controls= fixed, orbit, fly, walk (Collision - on if you want objects to stop you; off if you want to fly through objects.) You can find Camera Settings in the Scene list.

Scene= a space can have more than one scene; similar to slides in a slideshow

XYZ= position of an object

Blockly= the coding blocks in Cospaces, like Scratch
(Blockly is another block-based code menu to make coding easier for kids; rather than typing the words to perform operations)

Animate= makes an object act out action like: dance bop/cheer/swim/gallop

Transitions= the menu heading to find blocks that make objects move/turn

Move= the code block that makes an object advance forward (like steps)

Turn= the code block that makes an object rotate(like a clock moves)

Control Flow= the menu heading to find loops, if and other controls

Execute in Parallel= the code block to use to make several objects move at the same time.
(Execute is a word that can mean to act out or perform, like a jump or gymnastics move at the Olympics.)

Library= objects available to set in the stage or space

Environment= the setting (desert)

Find the front of the camera and place objects in front in order to view when you play your space
Press camera to see how it is positioned