Golf Star First version

Hello everyone, this is a first version of a game i am working on: Golf Star! Write me your impressions or give me advice on what to add in the game. The game only works on pc.


Hi @Alessio_Bonini
It’s a really good game but maybe change the shooting system by adding a variable and everytime “up key” and"down key" it would change to be higher or lower and then letting the player choose themself but that of course would not make it as challenging.

but maybe that method could be an “easy” mode :smile:


Hi @_ZkY
yea of course it could be a great addition to the game as an easy mode or pratice mode, i will add it in the game. This is a first version so there are a lot of things i should add.


Great Work!
Nicely done and good use of the cospaces enviornment

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Thank you, it is only the first version of the game so there are a lot of things i should add.

I think i will continue to work on it on my youtube channel about cospaces.