Group Size Limit?

I am looking to recreate the Periodic Table with a team of Grade 6 Students. I want each element to link to its own scene where students will create a 3D model of that element (imported from Tinkercad). Before setting out on this, I have three questions:

  1. Is there a limit to how many students can be in a group for an assignment? I would like to add all 85 students to the same group/space so they can work on their own scene.
  2. If there are 103 scenes, 1 for each element, will that be too much for the Space to handle? Would it be better to break up the elements into smaller spaces?
  3. Is there a limit to how many assets can be uploaded to a scene? This will drive how we address the question above.

Any help or advice from folks here is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

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While I cannot speak to the capability to handle that, I can say that creating the models of each element becomes exponentially more complicated as you increase the number of electrons. My classes did working Bohr models last year but I limited them to the first 10.
If you need to break it up, perhaps breaking elements down by their groupings while students are working and then combining the spaces into one on the back end would be effective?

Either way it sounds like a cool project. I have a full tutorial on making the Bohr modelshere and some samples here if they help in any way.