Halloween Haunted House Breakout

Try out this mini Halloween escape room! https://cospac.es/edu/nRDP


I see the hands, but can’t click on anything. What should I do? Trapped in the first space :joy:

Not sure what’s wrong with it. Worked perfectly yesterday. Now none of the code is working :scream:

Can you move some blocks in your original space (just a little, so the code will be regenerated) and press the Share button? It will keep the same link, but will publish the updated version. Hope this helps.

That did it. I am not sure what happened. All of the blocks were working then the next day they weren’t. Thank you!

Works! But I’m stuck with the witches. Don’t know what to do. BTW In the first room, I failed two times, had to open the link again to restart. Would be nice if there would have been a restart button somehow. @Stefan Do you know if this is possible?

I would love the “recall” sequence. If you clicked the mummy it would have been Game Over. Otherwise you should have been able to still do the sequence in order at any given time.

On the bottom floor the witch is giving you the clue. “Double Triple” Click 3 2 times. Mainly because the index variable from the top floor needs to be reset somehow. I could probably have it reset when you click the witch, but this adds a little challenge. After that you just follow the numerical references in her potion ingredients to click the appropriate bats. If you click the pumpkins it is REALLY hard to click on the bats while flying.

I had this portion of the scene covered in mist from the cloud but it was impossible to click anything.

I can’t get out the first room…sad

@meleftheros use the skull’s clue, It gives you the order of the correct height in the measurement of horses (hands). Click on the pumpkins in that order.

Thanks. On another note I used your video for coding room to room today when working with some middle school students. Thanks for making that

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Great! Glad it was helpful. I hope to make some more of the basic, useful, creation videos. Especially for coding.

I can’t get out of the first room? I am clicking the pumpkins in order of the hands’ heights? (Middle, right, left)… nothing seems to happen…

I will take a look at that space. It was originally created in CoSpaces Blockly and I have found that occasionally some of them don’t convert perfectly.