Headset to buy for VR in class room

Can you please advise what’s the best Headset to buy if children want to want to view and listen to their cospaces in VR.

Children want to narrate their story within cospace.
A school has asked for advise and I think PICO seems a better option. Will be really thankful if you can advise

Thanks so much


@Saman_JQ_Mirza We have used the ClassVR headsets for the last two years. They are decent for working with and viewing CoSpaces. There best selling point is there educational platform and content. It makes it really easy to create a library of CoSpaces and push them out.

They do not wow we though.

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Thanks so much for your reply.

We had a look into Class Vr and didnt find it a right fit because the educational content isn’t significant for us. More about making VR Content than using it consuming content already there.


@Saman_JQ_Mirza Completely understand they were not my first choice but it is what our district adopted.

However, the management interface is top notch.

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Great. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Please let me know what you end up going with and how it works for you. I am always interested in making better moves.

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